About Us

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Who We are

We are a leading manufacturer of industrial plastic packing material and flexible packaging in India. Ganesh Enterprises was established in 1988 in New Delhi. Starting from a small portfolio of HM Bags, we have expanded to manufacture of diverse range of packing and packaging materials, and have had the rich experience of serving multiple sectors like FMCG, White Goods, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, and Textile industries, all the while customizing our products to suit their requirements, and adapting into their supply chains. Having its presence since over 25 years, Ganesh Enterprises has developed for itself a brand by proven experience, expertise and service.

Our Vision

At Ganesh Enterprises, we offer a full-service packaging solution to all our customers under-pinned by the following vision and values:

  • Offering flexible packaging and packing solutions in a fast-moving and consumer-orientated market place.
  • Continually looking to future needs and demands of the market to redefine and manage our product portfolio.
  • Strive to create new solutions for our clients, making the supply chains lean and agile.
  • Maintain our position as an adaptable and flexible supplier to our valued customers.
  • Always examining our responsibilities to balance sustainable development with cost-focused manufacturing processes.
  • Acknowledging the personal development of our employees as paramount to the success in achieving our aims.