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PE Shrink Film/Bags

Polyolefin (PE) Shrink Films and Bags are gaining popularity in India due to their superior properties and better weight to strength ratio as compared to alternatives. Completely transparent shrink films ensure that your product is completely visible, and superior shrinkage properties result in the film taking the shape of the product.

  • Superior shrinkage properties

  • Better strength to weight ratio

  • Excellent film transparency

Shrink LD Bags / Sheet

Shrink LD Bags and sheets are used in numerous industries and are replacing cardboard based packing due to their lower costs. Shrink LD Sheets are used mostly in automated packing lines. Our machinery supports manufacture of sheets with width of 14 inches to upto 90 inches, and thickness as per your specifications.

  • Sheet size of upto 90 inches

  • Extra weight carrying capacity