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Thin Guaze Bags

We have pioneered manufacture of thin guaze bags for extensive use in textile, footwear, and multiple other industries. With thickness as low as 4.5 microns and options with high transparency, these bags offer low cost solutions of packing.

  • Thickness of 4.5 microns

  • Option for transparent bags

  • Offers cost savings

Heavy Duty Bags

With our solutions of heavy duty liner bags, you need not worry about spillages or leakages. Bags made for high weight carrying capacity do not puncture even after rough usage. These can be used individually, or with HDPE Bags for extra protection.

  • Extra strength bags

  • Puncture Resistant

  • Suitable for large SKUs

HDPE Sacks

HDPE Sacks are the preffered choice for bulk packaging of loose goods, powders and chemicals. These are offer high degree of protection to material inside, specially during transportation. Paper laminated bags are also available for better sealing. These can be used individually, or with PE Liner bag inside for extra protection.

  • Bags with Varying level of strengths

  • Option for Printing available

Plain Liner Bags

These normal liner bags are used across diverse industry for packaging. These are manufactured as per custom dimensions and specific requirement. These bags are available both in commercial as well as virgin quality.

  • Quality as per requirement

  • Custom dimensions available